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Welcome to Canadian Inn

Canadian Inn is a peaceful and well-equipped holiday inn. Built with state of the art facilities and a favorable location, a few minutes drive for your necessities and close to Islambad's mountain view.


The location provides different amenities and the best delicacies from the Country.

Airport Pickup Service

We offer airport transfers for guests coming from Islamabad International Airport.

5/5 Rating

Our goal is to make sure our guests are delighted with their stay so they can tell the best experience to their friends.

Our Luxurious Rooms

Our rooms are state of the art and provides a luxurious vibe to our guests. We have staff maintaining our facilities 24/7 to make sure your stay will be the best as it can be. For further details, be sure to check our rooms below.


5000 KR /Day


7500 KR /Day

Royal Suite

9500 KR /Day


Here are some of the images from our facilities. We make sure to provide you with quality of services that's worth every minute of your stay. We make sure you checkout with 200% customer satisfaction